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SE-X - Safety fence element

Application: Safety element is available in standard widths and customised widths.
Can be fastened to the floor with 12mm rawl bolt. Can be connected to
the next element with two pieces of VP-40 connection unit.
Every safety element will be deliverd completely assembled (profile,
connector, woven mesh, mesh holder, endcaps, foot plate, connection unit).

Material: 40x40 aluminium profiles 40x40x4 zinc coated steel woven mesh coated steel foot plate

Code:         Grid width       Element width
SE-500           500 mm          495 mm
SE-800           800 mm          795 mm
SE-1000       1000 mm          995 mm
SE-1500       1500 mm        1495 mm

Note: For the end of a safety fence wall an extra BWS-40-L foot plate is needed.

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